1 . How canbook ?

A . You can register on our website or call +91 8762988461. 

2 . What is the Documents/deposit I need to submit?

A . You should carry your original driver’s license and Rs 2000/– refundable security deposit.

3 . Can I pay by cash?

A . You can pay cash directly at the time of pickup. Although we recommend you pay online to ensure your booking is confirmed.

4 . What is the cancellation policy?

A .  50% refund if more than 24 hrs from pickup time. No refund if less than 24 hrs from pickup time.

5 . Is there any age limit to book the bike or bicycle?

A . Yes, for motorbikes 18 yrs above. There is no age limit for bicycles.

6 . Is fuel included?

A . No, fuel is at your own cost.

7 . Is there a speed limit?

A . Yes each bike has a speed restriction; please check the T&C.

8 . Do I have pay a penalty if I scratch the scooter or bike?

A . Yes there is a Rs 300 penalty per scratch.

9 . What happens when I, meet with an accident and the bike is damaged?

A . Firstly inform our call center about the damage, insurance will be claimed only if the damage is greater than Rs 5000 for scooters and Rs 10000 for motorcycles. Any difference amount have to be covered by the customer. 

10 . What is the penalty if I return the bike late?

A . Flat Rs 100 and Rs 50/Hr  

11 . What do I do in case there is a Puncture?

A . Puncture are covered by the company, the customer is responsible to get it fixed.

12 . What is the distance which I can cover with the scooter and bike?

A . Each bike comes with a different speed limit, Please check T&C of the respective bike.

Please note! We are currently not accepting online payments. You will be emailed a payment link once we confirm that the bike is in stock. Dismiss